Consulting Services

Riskwest provides a spectrum of expert and professional consulting services which focus on delivering better practice and value in the core service areas of risk management, business continuity, assurance and compliance.  Partners utilise their knowledge, skills, competencies and capabilities to support organisations and their executives to plan, and operationally execute strategies


We provide insightful guidance on successfully implementing a positive risk aware culture, based on real experience of what does and does not work. This includes advice on culture, setting tone at the top, influencing business decisions with the effective use of risk information, enhancing investor confidence and building stakeholder relationships.  This service enables your organisation to learn from the experience we have gained from many years of implementing risk thinking in organisations of all sizes.


We aim to supplement the organisations resources by providing an independent explanation of the case for consistent and well thought out risk management initiatives to Board, Executives and stakeholder groups.  Briefings can be provided at a high level, dealing with the whole approach to governance and risk, to providing briefing sessions to staff on specific risk related topics or the risk management process and its relevance to the success of the organisation.  The depth of the Riskwest experience makes it easy to tell a story which illustrates the benefits of integrating risk thinking to make the organisation a success. A clear comprehensive outline of where risk fits in your organisations priorities can make the difference between success and failure.

Risk Management Information Systems

The management of risk data and information is key to the success of any risk management effort regardless of an organisation’s size or industry sector. Risk management information systems (RMIS) are used to support risk-based decision-making across all levels of an organisation. Riskwest consultants actively engage with risk management systems providers to ensure that we are in a position to provide the best support and advice possible to our clients by understanding the purpose, outputs strengths and limitations of the tools that our clients use.
Riskwest consultants work with a range of systems and tools from different sources, including:

  • Riskwest Developed Tools
  • Riskwest Partner Systems
  • Other Commercial systems
  • Client in-house systems and tools
Mentoring and Coaching

We recognise that risk-based mentoring and coaching provides guidance and direction on how to think about the governance, risk and compliance issues facing organisations.  We actively mentor risk and business continuity practitioners executives and prospective managers on personal development of their ‘style’ through our extensive experience. This allows mentees to learn pragmatism, explore and integrate new perspectives and receive guidance on specific business risk challenges, including governance, strategy and policy.  This ensures our client organisations have individuals with greater skills, performance and capacities based on the required values, behaviours and mindsets.

Framework Development, Implementation and Review

Frameworks can be considered the essential underpinning structures that support underlying systems and practices in organisations.  We recognise the importance of developing, implementing and reviewing frameworks to ensure thoroughness and consistency of approach. We can help ensure that your frameworks reflect the best experience of industry, researchers, clients and regulators worldwide to ensure credible and consistent frameworks for your organisation to adhere to.

Outsourced Services

Increasingly, organisations are looking to source professional services under contract from an outside supplier.  The complexity of organisational environments calls for stronger risk and business continuity functions.  As a result, many organisations are using this outsourced model to appoint Chief Risk Officers (CROs) to help drive these efforts.  Our outsourced CRO arrangement provides you with the opportunity to engage an experienced professional at a fraction of the cost of an in-house risk manager, within a timeframe that allows you to meet your risk management obligations.  We also provide outsourced risk and business continuity practitioners and officers on a full and part time basis to ensure good business practices, structures and processes are in place to support your organisation.

Tools and Checklists

We believe that there are a number of systems, tools and checklists that may be of use to any organisation.  We can provide developed and pre-populated systems, tools, rubrics and other resources and instruct your organisation in their use.  Alternatively, we can work with you to develop up context-specific items from scratch.