Riskwest partners with organisations to help them better identify, understand and manage uncertainty.

What you can expect from Riskwest:

Experienced consultants

Senior, experienced consultants, working on your behalf and accountable for overseeing the quality of all deliverables. You can be assured that we will not hand over responsibility to junior, more inexperienced personnel.

Frank discussion

Upfront, frank discussion and full disclosure. We spend time on context and scope setting in order to ensure that our clients optimise outcomes within budget. No one appreciates unbudgeted fees resulting from poor communication or ill-defined scope.

Relationship building

The majority of our work is from repeat clients who trust us. We’ve been successful when our clients achieve sustainability, capability and autonomy. Our success is measured by whether you would recommend us.

Tailored solutions

A solution tailored to your specific problem. A ‘one size fits all’ approach is not part of our idiom. What we deliver will fit for you, rather than requiring you to fit with a rigid process.


We will not jeopardise your business or ours, by avoiding or diluting unpalatable truths. We will alert and inform you of what you need to know – enabling you to take the most appropriate action.

Alert, inform and enable

Through risk, business continuity and assurance services we alert, inform and enable our clients to realise opportunity.

Why you may need our services

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