RISKWEST is a specialist management consulting firm providing advisory services to a broad range of corporate, government and community service organisations. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that they are in the best possible position to manage the risks associated with the delivery of their strategic priorities, services and projects.

The RISKWEST team have extensive experience in leadership roles. We work with your organisation to ensure high quality outcomes for your business and use an approach which is designed specifically to meet each individual clients’ needs.


RISKWEST provides services in the following areas:

Corporate Governance

Advisory services in relation to governance, risk and compliance. Services include assisting the Board and executive team to identify and understand their organisations’ operating environment and to ensure that risk management and assurance practices are appropriate and in alignment with corporate strategy. Services also include professional development for Boards and Board governance risk reviews.



Risk-based approach to the evaluation of opportunities to enable informed decision making and provide the client with a clearly defined position from which to move forward. Services include logic mapping, options and gap analysis, strategic planning and risk evaluation.


Organisational Performance and Resilience

Advisory and training services in relation to the implementation of Enterprise-wide Risk Management frameworks, Organisational Integrity and Resilience, Incident Response, Business Continuity, Crisis Management, and Significant Event Analysis.


Projects and Contracts

Advisory and training services in relation to the management of project and contract risk, including partnerships and joint ventures. Services also include facilitation of strategic risk reviews for major projects and contract risk reviews focussed on developing appropriate mechanisms for the sharing of risk and liability.