Realigning your business continuity management programme to the new reality

Realigning your business continuity management programme to the new reality

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit earlier this year and federal and state governments began mandating lockdowns and implementing restrictions on movement, many organisations had to scramble to adapt their business continuity response to the escalating crisis. Many of the assumptions that provided the premise for the ‘typical’ business continuity plans (BCPs) were no longer valid when dealing with COVID-19. Work-related health and safety, workforce management and supply chain issues took centre stage. 

Although the pandemic is still evolving, it has forced many organisations to reset their expectations of their incident response, business continuity and crisis management capabilities, and to reshape their strategies for building business resilience.  As you continue to navigate the on-going pandemic, you  should be applying the lessons learned thus far to realign your Business Continuity Management (BCM) programme to the new reality. Some of the considerations include:

  • How should the scope and objectives of the BCP be redefined? What are the new assumptions and limitations of the BCP? 
  • Are the business priorities that were assessed based on the ‘maximum tolerable period of disruption’ still valid and adequate? Instead of asking, “how long could we survive if we were unable to provide a service or perform a function”, should we reframe the questions to, “how could we remain viable while operating with reduced resources?” and “what would our breakpoint be”?
  • How do we improve our incident management structure for responding to and managing future disruptions? What enhancements do we need to our notification, escalation and activation processes to align with the government’s pandemic guidelines and policies?
  • How can we rethink our response strategies and solutions so that they can be sustained for a prolonged period of six months or more? What do we need to do to enhance the resiliency of our infrastructure and workforce to withstand future shocks?  
  • How do we improve pre-incident preparations and enhance our testing and exercising regime to practice responding to different scenarios?  

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