A Focus on Incident Response and Crisis Management

A Focus on Incident Response and Crisis Management

Organisations face a vast array of challenging situations daily. Some of these situations, if not properly managed, can lead to a crisis that can have a devastating consequence on the organisation and its stakeholders. Incidents such as security leaks, workplace violence, employee fraud, IT system failure and loss of key personnel could all make business as usual difficult, if not impossible.

Responding to an incident calls for versatility, and taking deliberate steps to prepare for the unexpected can pay off handsomely. Incident response and crisis management planning relates to getting your organisation in the best position to react properly, deal effectively with uncertainties and recover quickly from disasters. This can minimise the potential consequences of a disaster and ideally, prevent it from happening in the first place.

Preparation involves the following activities:
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  • Identifying vulnerabilities and potential crisis situations that the organisation may face
  • Defining roles and responsibilities of key actors – senior executives, incident response team, crisis management team
  • Establishing decision-making frameworks and processes for activating and standing-down formal response mechanisms
  • Establishing protocols for internal and external communications, including media management and information sharing with stakeholders
  • Developing practices for collecting, managing, recording and reporting information in a systematic way
  • Developing tools and aids such as actions cards , reporting formats, log books, decision-making flowcharts, and checklists
  • Developing procedures for post-crisis follow-up, including de-brief and evaluation, aftercare support, and review of risk analysis and vulnerabilities
  • Conducting regular training and exercises

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